Introduction To Arduino

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What is Arduino ? Overview in 90 seconds

What is Arduino

You probably have gone through tons of links, pdf and long videos. In this tutorial, I am going to explain "What is Arduino" just under 90 second video. For this, You must have basic knowledge about microcontroller, Even theoretical knowledge will do fine. This tutorial is meant to give you quick overview of Arduino before starting hands-on tutorial. Here is the video tutorial where I am talking about the same.

In the traditional microcontroller like AVR, 8051 (you can check my tutorials on 8051 microcontroller here the programming was very tedious. You had to first program it using your language, then create the hex file and you would use external programmer like "flash magic" to program the microcontroller.

And for programming the microcontroller, you would again require external programmer to program it. Arduino simplified the process, it made the IDE so simple that you just have to code their, and click on upload option on the IDE. It will automatically program your arduino board. There is no need to create hex files. Everything is internally taken care of. Which makes it simple and easy to use. In the next lesson, I will be explaining the basic arduino boards and which one to use. I hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Click on next tutorial below to open the next tutorial.

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