Tick Tick Sound using 555 Timer IC - breadboard tutorial

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Tick Tick Sound using 555 Timer IC – breadboard tutorial

Quick Intro:

In this tutorial, we are going to make a circuit on breadboard circuit using 555 timer IC that will produce a 'tick tick' sound from a speaker. This sound is similar will be similar to that of a ticking clock. If you are seeing this tutorial directly, then you can start from beginning here. You will need the following bill of material for this tutorial. Make sure you are ready with them.

tick-tick-sound-using-555-timer-ic-breadboard-tutorial (4)

tick-tick-sound-using-555-timer-ic-breadboard-tutorial (4)

Please keep the below circuit diagram handy with you while making the circuit. Cross check your connections with the circuit diagram to avoid any mistakes.

And always make the connections along side of the circuit diagram. It is a very good practice.





Please follow the below video tutorial step by step to make the circuit.

Breadboard Images:

If can also use the below images to cross check your breadboard connections of 555 timer IC. There might be some difference in the sound depending upon the speaker, but its Ok.







Some tips:

  1. Use nose plier for inserting wires and components on the breadboard.
  2. Use high quality breadboard to avoid any frustration in placing components such as 555 timer IC on the breadboard.
  3. Do Not connect the power source without cross checking the connections on the breadboard.

4. Try to have spares of the components especially 555 timer IC. You are going to use it a lot in this tutorial series.

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