Step Counter using Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie

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Step Counter using Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie


In this tutorial, we are going to make a physical step counter using arduino genuino 101 / intel curie. We will use an I2C oled display of size 128x64 to display the steps taken by the user. You can hook it up using a battery bank and a strap on your leg and it calculates and shows the steps in real time.

We will be using internal gyroscope and accelerometer present on arduino genuino 101 / intel curie board.

I hope you have already gathered all the components required to make this tutorial.

(If you are seeing this tutorial directly, then please visit this link to start from beginning : Step Counter using Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie)


Make the connection as per given image.



Follow the connections as per numbering. Connect VCC of OLED display to 3.3 V of Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel curie. Gnd to gnd. SDA to SDA and SCL to SCL of Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel curie.


I have given the process and details in the below video. Please watch the below video carefully and follow the instructions.


Simply copy and paste this code.

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