Introduction To Arduino

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How to Program Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro? – A Beginners Guide


In this short tutorial, I am going to explain step by step procedure for programming an Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro. Even if you are absolute beginner, then this tutorial is perfect for you. So, starting of with scratch, make sure that you have update version of Arduino IDE. If you don't have Arduino IDE on your computer, then you can visit this tutorial on "Installing Arduino IDE on Windows" in which I have explained step by step process to install arduino on your windows system. After successfully installing the arduino, you will need to setup Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro on breadboard with an LED to test it. You can visit my tutorial on "Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro LED blinking breadboard setup" for step wise procedure for making the setup. Here is the detailed video of programming Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro:

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial. Stay tuned with us for more tutorials on breadboard.

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