Creating your own IoT Cloud from scratch using php, Mysql, ESP12E

Creating your own IoT Cloud from scratch using php, Mysql, ESP12E – Part 1


In this tutorial, we will be Creating your own IoT Cloud from scratch using php, Mysql, ESP12E. This is part 1 of tutorial series. If you are seeing this tutorial directly then I will recommend you to read the Introduction of this tutorial first.

Part 1 of " Creating your own IoT Cloud from scratch using php, Mysql, ESP12E ", We will first go through the basics of what exactly we will be learning. After that I will explain the architecture of what we are building in this tutorial series. we will be creating a free account on After that we will be creating a Mysql database and acquire database name, username and password. We will be also getting familiar with the dashboard. So lets get started.



Well, after watching the video, you have already followed the step. But its always good to revise and go slow while learning. So these are the steps which we have followed in this video:

  1. Introduction to the tutorial.
  2. Basic discussion on content of this tutorial.
  3. Introduction to the architecture of tutorial and php, Mysql, ESP12E integration.
  4. Creating free account of
  5. Making Mysql database and acquiring database name, username and password.
  6. Further introduction to the server, file manager and ending.

In the next tutorial, we will be:

Creating php api ( php, Mysql, ESP12E (NodeMCU) )

  1. Creating a new table for ‘weather’ channel to insert ‘temperature and humidity’ sensor data in the database.
  2. Then creating a new table for ‘LED’ to control LED of ESP12E or NodeMCU from a webpage
  3. Creating php REST api to insert, delete, read and update data in database.
  4. After that, Testing api from POSTMAN tool.

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Comments ( 11 )

  • Wirot

    hello, I have developed for water quality monitoring system. Now it works well. I have idea to extent the host to be IoT service provider for other firms who want to develop any kind of monitoring system. your project is like me. May we join. I have more project in Thailand.

    • Wirot

      you can create your own ID and password for trying.

    • Hi Wirot,
      Thank you for your offer, its a good offer, but I am already working in a corporate, and right now I am not looking for any collaboration with anybody/any firm. I have already mentioned it in terms of use here in the 4th point: . Wish you all the best for your project. Cheers..!

  • Ravi

    build a NodeMCU based edge device that
    logs ambient light to our IoT cloud. Install this device at your home, record data
    for a day and then visualize it using Chronograf.
    Use AWS EC2 instance and MQTT broker.

    • I don’t understand what you are trying to say.

  • Moneer

    Hi Vivek, Thank you so much for the interesting project. I did everything like what you did but I got error “connection failed”. could you help solve this problem. Thanks in advance.

    • This information is not enough. Can you please check the api in postman and tell me what is the error?

  • John

    Hi Vivek,
    I tried your protocol at my host (Planethoster). Communication with my database does not work.
    The query test with Postman does not write in my tables. Yet the connection is valid.
    Is there a problem because I’m in PHP 7?
    If so, what is the solution?

    I can not downgrade to version 5 because I host other sites using version 7.
    Thank you.

    • Hi John, this tutorial is specifically made to the version which I have mentioned. You have to change the code according to the version which you are using.

      • John

        Hi Vivek,
        Thank you for your prompt answer, but I really don’t know how to do.
        The error message is:
        “XMLHttpRequest cannot load Preflight response is not successful”
        Can you do for me please?
        Let me know your conditions 😉
        All my best

        • Hi John,

          I apologies, but I cannot really cannot help you convert the whole code. I get a lot of request for customizing a code. It is not practically possible to fulfill their request. Hope you understand 🙂
          you can refer this link for migrating from php 5.1 to 7

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