Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie Getting Started

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Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie – Installation and programming


In this tutorial, we are going to install the drivers for Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie on Arduino IDE. After that we are going to program our Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie with an LED blinking program.

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Make sure you have latest version of Arduino IDE on which you are going to install Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie drivers.

Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie might give problem in Arduino IDE on certain computers. While uploading code you may face an error "press master reset button". In that case, you simply have to press the master reset button on the right side of dc jack on Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie board. Once you upload the sketch, and on screen when you are prompted to do so, hit the button

It works on 3.3V but is 5V tolerant. So you don't have to worry about input/output operation voltage of Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie.


Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie is very powerful board to just blink an LED or create everyday arduino application. It has got power of running small machine learning algorithms which sets it apart from other arduino boards. Arduino Genuino 101 / Intel Curie is arduino compatible just to make sure that it is easy to use and programming friendly. The board is costly but the inbuilt accelerometer, gyroscope and bluetooth are worth it. It can be used to make many cool applications and in upcoming tutorials, we are going to make some of them.

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