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  1. Introduction We will be programming ESP12E NodeMCU Module to upload GPS data on Thingspeak. In the previous tutorial we created a thingspeak channel and copy pasted credentials on a notepad file. We will now use these credentials which we got from our new created channel to upload the data onto them. In the first lesson  we […]
  2. In this tutorial, we are going to setup ESP12E NodeMCU on breadboard and control LED connected to it using an HTML webpage. We can control the LED from the same network Where the NodeMCU and the laptop are connected. If you are seeing this tutorial, then I would recommend you to start from beginning here […]
  3. Introduction In the previous tutorial, we have installed the DHT11 temperature and humidity library and tested our breadboard circuit successfully. Now its time to program the circuit. Go to your Arduino IDE and create a new sketch. After that, paste the following code: [crayon-5ab10eb7e4b39007420559/] [crayon-5ab10eb7e4b41115167465/]   It will take some time as the size of libraries […]