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  1. Quick Intro: In this tutorial, we are going to make a circuit on breadboard circuit using 555 timer IC that will produce a 'tick tick' sound from a speaker. This sound is similar will be similar to that of a ticking clock. If you are seeing this tutorial directly, then you can start from beginning […]
  2. Introduction If you are seeing this tutorial directly then you can start from beginning "Getting Started with ESP12E".  Now we will setup the ESP12E (Node-MCU) Wifi Development Board on breadboard and program it with blinking LED. So lets start. Take your half size breadboard and set it up as shown in the following image: Connect the […]
  3. Introduction In this tutorial, we will take you through step by step guide to install drivers for your ESP12E (Node-MCU) Wifi Development Board on Arduino IDE. As mentioned in the introduction that we can program the ESP12E (Node-MCU) Wifi Development Board using Arduino IDE. And the program can run with little or no change on Node MCU board. […]
  4. Introduction This tutorial is in continuation with "http://iotmonk.com/lessons/setting-up-push-button-on-breadboard-with-arduino-leonardo-pro-micro-and-led/" . Now, we will just replace the LED on the breadboard which is attached to pin no 10 of arduino leonardo pro micro, and replace it with a buzzer. Just follow the "blue dots" along with the step in the tutorial. Keep this circuit diagram handy and […]
  5. Introduction Now, If you are here, then you must have successfully completed the circuit. Its time to program. If you are beginner then you can visit the tutorials: How to install arduino on windows How to program an Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro Else you can resume with this tutorial. Now lets program our "Arduino Leonardo […]
  6. What is Arduino You probably have gone through tons of links, pdf and long videos. In this tutorial, I am going to explain "What is Arduino" just under 90 second video. For this, You must have basic knowledge about microcontroller, Even theoretical knowledge will do fine. This tutorial is meant to give you quick overview […]
  7. Introduction This is the final stage of the tutorial. Copy and paste the below code in your Arduino IDE and program Arduino Leonardo with it. If you don't know how to program Arduino the please refer my tutorial "Programming Arduino on Windows." [crayon-5cbe55a83894f910387808/] After uploading the code on Arduino, the LED on pin number 10 […]