Getting Started with Arduino

Getting Started with Arduino

Getting Started with Arduino

If you are directly seeing this chapter and are beginner, then I would recommend you to take the introduction chapter. In this tutorial, we are going to download and install Arduino IDE step by step. Along with getting started tutorial, we will also make circuit on breadboard with Arduino. Its basically a "blinking led using Arduino" circuit. I have personally made this tutorial keeping in mind about absolute beginners. So even if you are new to Arduino and programming, I will step by step take you through the installation process. After that, I am going to explain each and every step while making the circuit on the breadboard. Before getting started, we will require components for hands-on activity on breadboard. Here are the Bill of materials.

  1. Half Size Breadboard - 1
  2. Blue LED - 1
  3. Arduino Leonardo Micro - 1
  4. Single Core Wire
  5. Wire Stripper - 1
  6. Nose Plier - 1
  7. Micro USB Cable - 1
  8. 270 Ohm Resistor - 1

If you don't have the components, you can buy it from the below links (Most of the general components like LED and wire, you can easily get from local market. I am just listing out the important and specific components).

For USA :
Half Size Breadboard : microtivity IB400 400-point Experiment Breadboard
Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro : Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro
Micro USB cable : Micro Usb Cable
If you want then you can get rest of the components from : Amazon USA Store

For India :
Half Size Breadboard :Solderless Breadboard with 400 Tie-Point (White)
Arduino Leonardo Pro Micro : xcluma Atmega32U4 5V/16M Mini Leonardo Pro Micro Arduino Compatible
Micro USB Cable : Universal Micro USB Flat Data Cable -Rock Original-Grey
If you want then you can get the rest of the components from : Amazon India Store

Click on the first lesson below to get started.

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