Face Recognition Using Kairos API – Tutorial

Face Recognition Using Kairos API – Tutorial

Face Recognition Using Kairos API – Tutorial


In this tutorial, we are going to do Face Recognition using Kairos API to recognize face of a person. We are basically going to use two API from Kairos. Face recognition and Face training.

What is Kairos ?

Kairos is an artificial intelligence company specializing in face recognition. Through computer vision and machine learning, Kairos can recognize faces in videos, photos, and the real-world - making it easier than ever to transform the way your business interacts with people.

Kairos Face Training API

The Kairos face training api will be used to train faces in kairos gallery. We will give a gallery name and the name of the person along with captured image of the person in the request. That will help us to train the image in the gallery.

Kairos Face Recognition API

The Kairos face recognition API will be used to pass on the captured image from the webcam to recognize the fact that the person is present in the saved kairos gallery or not. We will be passing the image along with the gallery name from which we have to recognize the person.

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Bill Of Materials:

  1. Decent laptop/Desktop
  2. Webcam(If you are using Desktop)

Click on the below chapters to get started.

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