Hi There, My Name is Vivek Gupta and I am from India. I work full time in corporate and in my free time I prepare free tutorials for open source community. I have also created a blog on 8051 Microcontroller in the year 2015. Which is used by thousands of users per month. I fell in love with hardware at very early age. I know the struggle of not finding a proper online resource to learn hardware. So I created one for the community. This is totally free blog and you can learn hardware step wise. My expertise is in IoT, Chatbots and Voice assistants. I am giving full instructions of making hardware, software and combining them both. Most of my tutorials will be on breadboard. I don't get much free time but in upcoming years, I will make sure to find some time in weekend and write more awesome tutorials. I write about my works on my personal blog "http://vsgupta.in/". I hope you find this resource helpful.