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About Tutorials

This is the perfect place for you to kick off with your hardware inspiration. I have specifically designed and made this tutorials keeping beginners in mind.

You can start off with basics and slowly get hands-on on more complex part of it. The lessons and courses are made in detail with step wise explanation.

Slowly, I will combining the hardware with IoT and further on with more complex systems such as NLP driven hardware. Stay tuned for more interesting hardware tutorials.

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How to Use this Tutorial

Step 01

Select your tutorial

Decide whether you want to learn hardware or software or both. Every Tutorial here is explained step wise.

Step 02

Start with basics

If you are beginner, start with Arduino and move on to software Tutorials.

Step 03

Do Maximum Hands-on

Get your hand's dirty. Every tutorial has practical approach with explanation.

Step 04

Integrate everything

You will learn to integrate end-to-end hardware and software together if you follow my tutorials.